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September 27, 2023, 04:07:52 am
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Kickthekitty's shamelessly self-conceited signature thread.

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Author Topic: Kickthekitty's shamelessly self-conceited signature thread.  (Read 579 times)
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« on: June 08, 2010, 04:26:11 pm »

I have been meaning to put my sigs up to somewhere and since your forum has this sig corner, I thought why not...  I guess I should really post these to gallery of somesort but I have yet to find one I would be happy with.
And as a certain wise fat cat once said, "That enough of me talking about myself. How about if you talked about me for a change."

So straight to the subject.

First of all, all my sigs have few things common.  
They are always made from pages of the release they are a part of. Partly because that gives a sence of it being a part of that release. And partly since it's quite easy that way. When I check released pages, I at the same time keep an eye for good graphics to use.
I also try to make them either funny or choose a graphic so good it should be on a page of it's own.
Idea is that readers would read sign images with same enthusiasm as they read release itself. Well, wether I succeeded or not is another story...
Story you get to see right here and now:

Something resent. Name on the pic is cy.fLaire. Nice dude, uh, girl. She had found my scans of Elf wo Karu Monotachi v2-v7 and decided to release them. Sadly she found them from some uncrediting mirror site and since didn't know who was scanner, only released them to mangafox. I of cource contacted her when I noticed but I was just a bit too late so only mangafox as far.  Nevertheless I felt there should be a sig image.
This sig is a great example of how I make my sigs. First I considered this pic but I felt it might end indecent. So I used this one.
I started without any real plan. At first I thought I would use entire douple page top panel. But it just didn't seem right. So I cropped and cropped until there were only Junbeu, Ritsuko and half of Airi on pic. I removed Airi with clone tool and separated pages from spine. Then I had to redraw leg to go over spine. There was no way in hell I could do that with my skills but I tried anyway and at the first attempt happened to use soft eraser. Supprisingly it looked really nice and glowy (and was easy). I made text going on spine glow too to make look like this was done by purpose. Then there were remnants of the sound effect. I couldn't redraw it so I had to make it look like it was there by purpose. So I but text over it and made that go over spine. Only real reason for big black box under text "cy.fLaire" and "&" with black glow was to hide dirty areas.

So that's how I do things. Purely by intuition. It may look weird but at least it's original (I say for myself).
Don't worry. This will be only sig with so much details.


Animated gif as a sig. Only my second one (which shows I guess). It's big since it went to 4800px height release. (Huh.)
I don't like the end result. I do like the sig, but it puts kickthekitty on spotlight and leaces SG2 as a side note as he doesn't have clear character. That wasn't my purpose. I originally intended to have different story on this sig. More aggressive one. But I noticed a problem. You can always make jokes about yourself as much as you want but what about others? I didn't wanna insult SG2. So in the end I shortened and changed joke to this form where joke is on me...


Example sig pic. There are lot of good reason to spend trouple to make actual sig just for example purpose. By showing a picture you can be sure that it's clear how you wish to have your group credited. It's amazing how many misunderstandings there can otherwise be. Also it's really fun to make something like this when you aren't too serious. And of cource if your partner really dislikes putting time to sigs, they can just use example pic.
There are of cource several reasons why this doesn't work as a sig. Wrong filter was used for grays. Text is unsmoothed. Main editor's name should be on the action scene instead of scanner group's. And word "proudly" could be confused as group name. Also I guess I gave it a bit ... sadistic flavor.
As I said I had fun. Obviously this was never used.


Sigs for Yobbin's .hack/dusk release(s). I kind of owed to him since I left him waiting for days (I didn't notice msg) so I spend some extra effort.
First one came up nicely except it's fonts. I wanted to practice making those little screens. Second is bare variant.
Third is standard sig. I liked that cat on the picture.
Fourth is my favorite. I love feathers. I used glow to remove a weird shadow. There's that one edge I should have done differently though.   


Mass prodused sig pics. I liked Hyper Police v2-v10 so much (I didn't like v1) that I made every book it's own sig. Here they are in order. Of cource since there's so many, they aren't the best quality.
2. Natsuki is so cute! I just had to use that panel.
3. Fox wedding. Very sensual vixen indeed.
4. My favorite! I especially like the way the word "Kickthekitty" seems to mark mice.
(5. I tried coloring! I used "coloring for untalented" method. But it was harder then I thought. Not up)
6. Now why did I use this instead of girl-girl kissing scene? I have forgotten.
7. Natsuki! So alert! So cute!
8. After all those girl pics, it was time for counter movement.
9. Counter continues.. Angel boy! Love those feathers.
10.I thought this was hilarious.

Oh, and if you haven't read Hyper Police v2-v10 (v1 is crap), here's three reason to do that:  >1< >2< >3<
Get it from HERE.


(next...  Eiken)
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« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2010, 06:03:23 am »

WOW! You definitely know how to choose them! I just chose ones that look...err, pretty!  Grin  I loved the first one! It was one of funnier moments in series. I almost died laughing from it!
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Vent the North
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« Reply #2 on: June 18, 2010, 11:34:49 pm »

The sig's look great KtK.

I had to remove one of the sigs though since it contained nudity.
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« Reply #3 on: June 19, 2010, 12:14:59 pm »

Okey, that's no problem. But I'm sensing possible problems with few Eiken sigs (as well as few other series).
I will try to figure some way around this.  Maybe I will just make a link instead of thumpnail or post this to my blog as whole and give a link to there.

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