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October 03, 2023, 07:30:06 pm
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1  Other / Off topic / Re: Are you a male or a female? on: March 13, 2011, 12:52:34 am
After getting 3 kazuki's in "which GB char. you are" quizzes, I guess saying male or female isn't accurrate. So I'm a Kazuki (not sure what does it mean yet)
2  The Honky Tonk Lounge / Getbackers Anime Discussion / Which GB character are you? on: March 13, 2011, 12:50:09 am
I didn't find any quiz like that here so here's some quizzes i found here and there:

I got 3 Kazuki's, maybe I should start thinking about doing some CD (nah i'm kidding around)

You are most like Kazuki.
Believe it or not, Kazuki is a man, though, he often gets mistaken for a woman by just about everyone. He's even been forced to reluctantly dress the part before. He is known by many as Ito no Kazuki, or Kazuki of the Threads. Though usually gentle and soft spoken, he's very deadly with his threads, which he keeps hidden within the bells tied in his hair. Extremely skilled, he can make his threads cut through just about anything, including rocks and even bone. He also uses them to eavesdrop and gather information (kinda like the old paper cup telephone trick).

Like Kazuki, you are probably a very gentle, kind-hearted, and soft spoken person. You don't like to hold grudges, and you try to respect the choices of others even if you may not agree with them. You are always willing to forgive someone who's sorry and understands his/her mistakes. It is because of this that you sometimes allow yourself to be hurt. Being as loyal as you are, you will never turn your back on a friend, even if you have been wronged. A slap across the face is worth it if you think you can return things to a more peaceful stance. But even you draw the line somewhere and though you usually have to be pushed pretty hard, once that line is crossed you will retaliate fiercely. You're also very intelligent and skilled at sorting through information. Because you are so quiet and a good listener, people often don't even notice you're there, making it easy for you to listen to the world around you. Your knowledge and awareness, therefore, can make it very difficult to catch you off guard.

3  The Honky Tonk Lounge / Getbackers Anime Discussion / Re: How were you guys introduced to GetBackers? on: February 21, 2011, 03:56:25 am
I think i was waiting to see FMA in the (former) anime tv station but GB was airing, and I probably saw ban and thought "he looks cool, his voice is cool (he has edward elric voice in the dub) his shades are great, and he's punching people...let's see how this ends" then ginji probably appeared I must have thought "oh look a comic relief, with electric power, sweet!" then they probably hugged or something like that and I liked the strong bond between the two so I just kept watching.
4  Welcome / Announcements / Re: You now have to have a minimum of 15 posts in order to download our chapters. on: February 12, 2011, 07:55:02 pm
I absolutely oppose to you said koala. The point of having to post 15 messages is (and if it isn't it should be) to attract new members to the forum and make it richier. If after 15 posts you still are not interested in the forum that's fine too and you're free to lurk around. To delete the people who don't post is just a punishment measure.
5  Interests and Hobbies / Games / Re: God of War on: February 09, 2011, 06:31:23 pm
Well you could kill athena  =P, but there are several gods and heroes left (like athena's sister, horatio and the other from Troya, i don't know...maybe kratos could kill the gods roman counterparts xD) and they could start adding other mythologies like norse mythology or egiptian. But i think it's possible (in fact they realease another one already but it's another prequel) given how it ends. Plus as long as a game series keeps on printing money, like GOW is, everything is possible, just look what they're doing with the new DMC.
6  Other / Off topic / Re: What are your past and current fandoms? on: February 08, 2011, 10:37:50 am
Let's see
Loved (now or at some point):
Games: Metal gear saga (played each game almost 20 times, except the psp that i won just 1 time...for now), Ace attorney saga, Blazblue saga, Okami, Katamary Damacy, FF Tactics, Chrono Trigger, The warriors, Zelda (Ocarina of time and Majora's mask), Valkyrie Profile
Anime: Evangelion, Rurouni Kenshin, Cowboy Bebop, FMA (and Brotherhood), Wolf's Rain, Mononoke-Hime, DBZ, Code Geass (and R2), Death Note, Detective Conan,
Manga: (same as anime plus) Battle Royale
Movies: Brazil, 2001: space oddisey, Dr. Strangelove...,Being there, Watchmen, Cabaret, Chicago, A clockwork orange
Liveaction series: Seindfeld!!

Liked (idem):
Games: Policenauts, ZOE saga, Xenogears (when I finish this game probably will go to the Loved section)
Anime: Lupin the third, Saber Marionette J, Soul Hunter, Digimon, Pokemon, Ranma 1/2
Manga: Ranma 1/2, GB,

Well i got tired of thinking and i'm hungry later i'll update it, or not.
7  Other / Off topic / Re: Personality Test/Meme? on: February 08, 2011, 09:42:56 am
Wow, this is a great idea i must say. I'll won't post the 5 or more all at once 'cos I don't have the time to think each one and why i like them so i'll start with just one:
Sanosuke Sagara from Rurouni Kenshin
Why i like him is really easy:
First of all i don't really like that much the main characters 'cos they're are most of the times super strong and have little problems (not in kenshin's case but in general i tend to like better the second main character). 
Second (spoilers of rurouni kenshin ahead): Sano is an ex-sekihoutai member. Sekihoutai was a peasant army in the japanese revolution and they had orders of the Ishin Shishi (the revolutionaries army against the tokugawa regime) to spread the word that with the revolution every peasant would have some lands for free. Of course this was a lie to get the support of the peasants, they couldn't (or didn't want to) give away lands, but with the triumph of the revolution they had to blame someone 'cos they couldn't fulfill the land for free for everyone promise. So the sekihoutai becomes the scapegoat and they kill almost everyone, among the few survivors was sano.
So sano is a fighter, not very smart but he fights for the people, and for what's right not bounded by law 'cos he hates the goverment (for killing his captain and being so corrupt). He has his own sense of justice and I like that sense of justice, it's not the perfect "I want to protect everyone" of Kenshin. It's better he wants to protect everyone but he knows he has to change the things (i.e. overthrow the meiji goverment) but he has to do it in a way that earn his old captain approval and that means doing it with the people of japan so they don't suffer (well that's my interpretation). In the meantime he tries to help the people like kenshin does, but his spirit is that of an adventurer so he has another way of saving people and most of the time in involves punching them in da face!
Well that was long. Sano's also a cool looking guy, red bandana and a big "evil" kanji in the back, hell yeah! His fighting style is not my favorite (I like swords better!) but for a fist fighter he's good enough.
Something about me: One time I had to step into a fight someguys i didn't know i though "what would sano and kenshin do", after thinking that I jumped into the fight and splitted it, no one got harm and all went A-okay.
Well that's my first character, for me it's pretty obvious why i like him so so so much and it makes sense with a part of myself. With the other characters you'll see others parts of me maybe contradictory with this part or maybe not.
I hope you liked it and learned something about me. I'll keep posting later and i'm looking forward to seeing the other people post too.
Again: Great idea laika!
Peace and Love!
8  The Honky Tonk Lounge / General Anime Discussion / Re: What was the latest anime you completed/watched? on: February 08, 2011, 08:44:49 am
Yesterday i watched Zone of the Enders(ZOE from now on) 2167 IDOLO, it's an hour long OVA.
Of course the story is about Radium, an ender from Mars(for the ones who don't know: ZOE is a series of games about the space colonization and the opression of the people on other planets, these people are the "enders") who really hates the earth, 'cos the earth people are bastards and punch the martians (which are really weak 'cos they live in Mars and have a different body than earthlings) and such. After a while IDOLO appears (IDOLO is a gigant super robot) and Radium starts losing himself in the power of IDOLO. That's what i liked about the OVA the crazyness that IDOLO produces on Radium but in an hour long OVA they couldn't expand on the subject and it felt like it resolves magically. Well that's what happens trough all the OVA it felt short, a buch of things happen but they aren't well explained, in short the OVA had great ideas, and I'm a big ZOE fan and this OVA touches some of the subjects of the games like opression, need for power against the bad colonial guys, the gigant robot with a AI (in this case a "will") and the OVA turned the things around with the robot controlling the pilot's mind but with all the good ideas, but an one hour long OVA couldn't do a great job.
9  Interests and Hobbies / Games / Re: God of War on: February 06, 2011, 08:17:37 am
LOL well i hope what i wrote helped you understand it, the after credits epilogue (spoiler) is kinda self explaining: kratos still lives and a next game is possible and sony probably gonna make it.
10  Interests and Hobbies / Games / Re: God of War on: February 05, 2011, 06:00:02 pm
I'm gonna spoil a little so people who haven't played the third game...don't read (i'll try to keep the spoilers to the minimum possible anyway):

What i liked storywise of the third game is that kratos is not only enraged but absolutely consumed by the rage to the point of letting die people he cares about just for the sake of ending his quest for nothing but revenge. His actions make little sense and as he progresses he destroys the whole world and he dosen't care at all. That's what i liked, and finally he gets the closure he deserves. Now im going to say a little about the ending so again SPOILER: When he forgives himself and sees what he has become (after killing zeus in a great scene where the blood blinds kratos) he kills himself to let the hope flow through the world (which was the only way to really atone for all the killing gods and all), the only thing i didn't like at all was the epilogue after the credits.
11  Interests and Hobbies / Games / Re: God of War on: February 03, 2011, 11:54:10 pm
I didn't like the second very much, it's like "let's take away all the good story and artistic things and replace it with GOOOOORE" and that sold well so they made a third part, which is better that the second part but not as good as the first one. The first GOW is epic in every possible way, it could easily pass by a real greek tragedy. The second, for sure can't, it's pretty bad storywise. The third neither but i liked it more, i felt like i understood what happened and why the things happened in the scond part i just felt like kratos is angry, really angry. While in the first part he was angry but he was sadder, and because of the sadness he was angry (did that make any sense at all?). And that makes it a greek tragedy, and that is what made GOW 1 so good, the total lack of that made GOW 2 pretty bad (storywise, gameplay wise it's better) and the return of some tragedy and well absolute chaos and epic godly bad things that happen (mostly because of kratos) makes GOW 3 way better that GOW 2 but still not as good as GOW 1.
That's all folks!
Auf wiedersen (or how it's spelled)
BTW even if it's tough, it's not freaking unfair like ninja gaiden sigma (hate that game with every inch of my soul!)
12  The Honky Tonk Lounge / Getbackers Manga Discussion / Re: Minor characters that you can't forget. on: February 03, 2011, 11:37:53 pm
I have a feeling that Amon-yan will be back, i don't know why, the how is probably through some VR thing or healing magic of the animal girl (i think she's kaoru). I'm really happy to see many amon lovers (specially Xi that stopped reading 'cos he died) and happier to see that no one likes the monkeys (or not enough to name them).
13  The Honky Tonk Lounge / Getbackers Anime Discussion / Re: Are there any GB merch you have/wish to have? on: February 03, 2011, 02:53:02 pm
I agree 'bout the cosplaying, it's like playing L from death note, just put on a blue jean, a white shirt, don't wear shoes and done. But still cosplaying Akabane is not that easy. I've never seen anywhere that kind of coat or the hat (well not for a price I could pay). Neither i could get my hands on Ginji's metal plated gloves (i looked for globes like that and found nothing). I would do it myself put i can't craft anything 'cos i'll break it. Anyway if i ever cosplay i'll probably be some easy to do character like ban or someone like that, it's too embarassing (and too much effort) to dress like naruto ,kenshin, etc.
14  Other / Off topic / Re: Anyone interested in playing mafia? on: February 02, 2011, 12:35:00 am
I play it all the time, but the version i play comes with a policeman and a medic:
In the night turn, after the killers kill someone, the medic choses to save someone, if the selected by the medic is the one the killers choose then he's saved (the moderator checks all of this). After that, the policeman asks the moderator who are the criminals (they can only ask for one player per night) and the moderator tells the policeman if the player he asked for is a killer or not.
We usually play with cards but here we would have to use PMs for the night turns.
Having a policeman and a medic makes it more difficult to the killers but at the same time it's more fun. Plus the killers may pretend to be the police so they can blame a inoccent or even the real police or the medic.
I'm would absolutely play, and a GB theme mafia would be fun:
killers = akabane, a miroku maybe.
police = ban or ginji
medic = Huh? (akabane IS a medic but i find it hard to inmagine him saving people instead of killing them) Paul could be a medic, for some reason i see that happening.
15  The Honky Tonk Lounge / Getbackers Anime Discussion / Re: Are there any GB merch you have/wish to have? on: February 02, 2011, 12:19:56 am
I'd love to have: ban's glasses (paul's seem pretty useless) those are pretty easy to get just buy some circular shades (sadly i don't need glasses at all, damn my eyes!), ginji's globes, akabane's coat and his ever bigger hat... maybe his scalpels too ^^. For real merch i'd like a plushie of ban, ginji and akabane.
The manga would be nice too but:
a) they don't sell it
b) even if they sold it it would be too expensive to buy, 25 o 30 bucks for each tankoubon.
Damn the economy!
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