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Title: Important!: New rules about spoilers.
Post by: Vent the North on August 12, 2010, 05:43:06 pm
It seems that as of late, the issue of spoilers has been a major problem. Not all people who are fans of Getbackers have read the raws, or even looked up what happens later in the series. For the sake of everybody on this forum, we need some clear rules about spoilers, and because of this, we have come up with a way to post spoilers in a form of a spoiler tag code.

From now on, If you are going to post spoilers, you need to put the code below around the spoilers in order to not spoil your fellow Getbackers fans.

Here is the code you should use from now on in order to avoid spoiling other members.

The coding for the spoiler tags is as it is on almost any other forum. All you have to do is write out the code like this.

[spoiler♕]YOUR TEXT HERE[♕/spoiler]

Just take out the ♕ from the code, and  the spoiler tag will work perfectly.

It should come out something like this.

[spoiler]YOUR TEXT HERE[/spoiler]